Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weather, Red Hat Outing

You can let your imagination run wild and GUESS what the weather is like. The fire has been going for several days, keeping me warm in my workroom.  So far the furnace has not been turned on, although the living room is chilly when we are watching tv. Thank goodness I know where to find a quilt or two to wrap up in.  :-)
Thursday was Red Hat day. We started at the Red Bobbin quilt shop in Brantford, then headed over to neighbouring Mount Pleasant to the Dutch Windmill restaurant for lunch.  Mmm... quiche & salad for lunch, then a pumpkin roll for dessert.  I fell off the wagon as far as my fabric moratorium goes, and bought 2 m. of a cute baby print.  No, the baby print is not for me - pffttt!!!  Afterwards we headed into Hamilton to Gage Park and wandered around the Mum Show.
The chrysanthemum Dragon and the chrysanthemum Fire Dog were both very well done.

Today I'm taking a quilt class on the Jodi Barrows Square in Square ruler.  I'm not even there yet and already I'm a bad student.  I don't like the project the instructor chose, so I've picked out another one to work on.  I hate students like me.  :-)

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