Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrappy donation quilt & kitchen reno

A quilt top made by Thelma and quilted by me, donated to the women's shelter.

Sunday 8 pm - sink & cooktop & range hood all coming out. Dishwasher too - gone!
Monday 9 am - Tony & Tibor rip out the old countertop and strip off the wall tiles.
Monday 11 am - new countertop installed.  T & T head out for lunch.  A long lunch - they return at 1:30.
Monday 5:45 - wall tiles on, new sink & new cooktop in place but not hooked up.
T & T are coming back on Wednesday to finish up the grout work.  They were planning to come tomorrow but I'm taking a personal day and going to Greenwood Quiltery to see the gallery exhibit.

This is all very exciting, but washing dishes in the bathroom sink is no picnic.  I don't even have the dishwasher to stuff dirty dishes in, because it was removed too.  I suppose I could still hide them in the oven (an old trick from my single days).

Supper tonight was leftover Chinese food from Saturday night.  I think tomorrow will be leftover spaghetti from Sunday night.  Wednesday might be takeout?  Plumbing for the new sink will be 'involved' because the new sink is 9" deep, where the old sink was 7" deep.  I had no idea that normal sinks were so shallow, so I'm really looking forward to having all that room for water and soap suds.  This has very awkward timing, since we have overnight company coming for Friday & Saturday nights.  How much McDonalds can we eat over two days & nights?  Hmm - just might find out.

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  1. Love the quilting you did. Really goes well with the quilt.


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