Monday, October 24, 2011

retreat meals, coleslaw, bookkeeping

Ah, one of my favorite moments at retreat is 4 pm cocktail hour. My little red freezer shoes came in VERY handy. (thank you Mel)

We still managed to enjoy a glass or two of wine with supper.
I love getting away with the girls.  It's a chance to revert to the silliness that is often frowned upon, but which seems to energize our souls.  And unbelievably I managed to pack on four pounds over five days.  Once or twice I actually went to bed with a bellyache from eating too much.  Oy yoy yoy.

Let me see:  pulled pork, couscous salad, eggs benedict, leek & potato soup, biscuits, salmon, roasted potatoes, fresh baked danishes, butternut squash soup, biscuits, meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, oat pancakes, smoked pork chops, biscuits, chocolate cake, banana cake. Now that I've been savagely thrown back to reality I'm enjoying (?) spinach salads for a few days in a hopeless attempt to regain my girlish figure (which I actually lost about 12 years ago, but who's counting).

On Sunday I cleaned up a bunch of the veggie garden.  The friggin' rabbit has helped himself to three of my cabbages.  Bastard.  I pulled the last good one and made a large batch of Forever Coleslaw.  This is not exactly my recipe, but it's close.  Today I did laundry, worked, and figured it was time to do the September bookkeeping.
Can someone please tell me why two people have eight pairs of glasses on the table?

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  1. probably the same reason there are 7 pairs of shoes at the door LOL


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