Wednesday, February 16, 2011

two sided quilt, walking the dog, Leibster Award

Two sided quilt.  I love the Op Art side.

Sadie and I went for a walk today because we're going through a January thaw.  February thaw?  Nice and mild, in any event.  The melting snow exposes all kinds of interesting things that dogs need to stop and investigate.
  • discarded empty water bottle.
  • discarded Tim Hortons cup.  Probably blew out of someone's pickup truck box.
  • empty no-name tuna tin from the neighbour's recycle box.  This is the guy who won a 7 figure lottery.  Why is he buying no-name tuna?
  • a stone.  I did not find this interesting, ok?  Only the dog.
  • partial plastic bag.
  • unidentifiable yellow thing.  Slightly larger than a twoonie.  (hmm - google's speller does not like the word twoonie.  Should it be twoony?  toony? toonie?)
  • McDonalds hamburger box.  Then the matching soda cup & straw.
 Anyhow... the shoulders of the road are VERY MUDDY.

We play frisbee out in the snowbank.  Hopefully she'll clean herself off enough that I can let her in the house.
I decided to have an herbal tea after our walk.  Apparently I bought a new blend by President's Choice.  With fibre.
Last week a fellow blogger (Dolores at True Blue Canadian) gave me a Leibster Award.  This is for blogs with less than 300 followers to help drive up traffic.  Dolores likes my sense of humour.  And probably the way I spell humour.  And neighbour.  But I digress...

I am bestowing this award on a few more blogs I like, that may fit the bill.
If you're bored, these blogs should give you lots of entertainment.


  1. Ok, there's lots to comment about this post but all I can think of is - that neighbour of yours, is he the one that won that really big one and then didn't tell his live-in and quickly left for parts unknown? That guy?

  2. You are too funny! You found some interesting treasures!


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