Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stash Report & UFO report

Stash Report:  I fell off the wagon.  But at $3/m for Christmas prints I could not help myself.  All my Red Hat friends had the same problem.

Used this month        4.9 m
Used YTD              21.4 m
Added this month    15.1 m
Added YTD            15.1 m
Net 2011                 -6.3 m

February's UFO is done.  done.  done.  Even hand stitching of the binding is half way complete, and I'll have that finished by tomorrow.

I'll need to soak this to remove the little blue dots in the center of the flowers.  I always prefer the crinkly look of a quilt after washing, so I usually do this anyways.

I also quilted up two small tops for Quilts of Valour.

On the home front, here's my latest from scratch bread. The crust is dark but not as burnt as it appears in the photo. It was a TOUGH crust though. I had to gently score the crust so the bread knife would stop sliding off.  For a couple of minutes there it was like watching a cartoon.

This is Molasses Oatmeal bread. Very tasty with a nice texture. And the crust gave our teeth a nice workout.  I'm thinking that buttering the top of the dough was a bad move.

On the news front, I am trying to decide who is more insane at the present time. Moammar Gadhafi or Charlie Sheen. Moammar, Charlie, Moammar, Charlie. Hmmm.


  1. Yay for finishing the UFO. I got mine done too, and feel terrific. The quilting looks great, I especially like the cross hatching. Nice job.

  2. I also got my February UFO done and it feels great. Beautiful quilts, you have been busy.

  3. LOVE your quilt and your quilting is exceptional. Isn't it nice to get those UFOs out of the way?!

  4. Congratulations on finishing a UFO...the quilting is beautiful! I made all the photos as large as I could on my computer to see all the it!

  5. Your UFO is gorgeous - a real show piece. Congratulations on finishing it. Hard to pass up a sale on fabric.


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