Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UFO out of the bag and on the machine

Necessary tools for longarm quilting:

  • wireless headphones for music listening without turning the stereo up to 845 db so I can hear it over the quilting machine and/or dehumidifier and/or fireplace fan (depending on the season)
  • zinger to clip to my shirt, with itsy bitsy scissors attached
  • reading glasses (lovingly referred to in this house as 'barneys') serve two purposes
    1. assist me in actually SEEING what I'm doing
    2. protect my pretty green eyes from flying itsy bitsy scissors when I inadvertently lose hold of the zinger. YOWZA!!!
The quilt top was made late last summer as the sample for a Card Trick class I was teaching. During the winter I planned the quilting designs. In February I spent an hour here and an hour there marking the whole thing with blue washout marker. Now, I'm taking a week to get moving on the quilting. First I will quilt the basic outlines of the designs, which will nail down the top to the (lovely wool) batting and backing. Then I will go back and add the 'gingerbread trim' (so to speak) to the quilting designs. Pebbles and lace and curlies, and background fill to pop the designs.


  1. well Helen dear, who may or may not need to move in next door to her Mom..............your blog always makes my day............
    Hello Sadie .......are you digging holes and helping Dad....!!!

    Hugs IVM quilter

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