Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rainy Day Project

- well, the weather outside is frightfull...hmm hmm hmm... Oh, sorry, got carried away with a Christmas song. But you get the idea.

What I'm listening to, over the pounding of the rain and the crack of the thunder.

What I'm making (at least starting) today. The long slip will be a summer nightie, then the short version of the robe to co-ordinate. I got SUCH a deal on the fabric that even though I SWORE I would not buy any more, I just had to. I'm such a fabric junkie.

The best $17.00 I've spent in the past year. At Zellers, rechargeable. I use them all the time to cut batting, but for lots of other stuff too. CAUTION - FINE PRINT: remember to keep fingers out of the way OR also purchase lots of gauze and bandaids while at Zellers.

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