Monday, July 7, 2008

Evil germs, flowerbed volunteers and quilt inspiration

Well, my nasty cold/flu/whatever is hanging on very tightly. This morning my eyes were glued shut - what gives with that???? I look like I was drinking boilermakers for breakfast. Yes, I do enjoy my glass of wine and occasional martini, but not at that time of the day. :-0

I bought the lovely RED lily last summer. The yellow lily, orange lily, sunflowers, cosmos and candytuft are all volunteers.

This is my favorite room in the house - it's our former (and sometimes, still) tv room. I love to do my yoga in here. However, we need a new quilt for the sofa, AND I have an unstarted challenge UFO on my list - serendipity, no????

This is a Scotties box I've been hanging on to because I love the colours. It has been clipped to the UFO pattern for several months. I think this will all come together nicely.

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