Sunday, May 19, 2019

Geisha Quilt and My Thoughts On Politics-and-Religion

This lovely geisha quilt was made using a center panel and co-ordinating fabrics.

As per my normal process, this got s.i.d. along the border, around the outside of the kimono shape, and outlining of the geishas.  In the kimono I used an Asian-style design with flowers and flowing lines.  The geishas have some quilting along the design lines - enough to keep them hanging nice and flat once this goes on the maker's wall.

The burgundy area was quilted with hanging diamonds, and there's a floral border design in the outer border.

Ok, here we go with my thoughts on Politics-and-Religion

It's been all over the news about the anti-abortion laws that are being passed in the U.S., with the end goal being to challenge and overturn Roe v Wade.  If Donald Trump alone wasn't enough reason for me to stay the hell out of the U.S. (although he actually IS enough reason) there are now several states that reaffirm my decision to stay here in Canada.  These laws are horrifying to me for the same reason radicalism of ANY sort frightens me.  At my age it's obviously NOT because I worry about my own circumstances.

However, just outside of my little town, there's a Provincial MPP who is 21 years old (yes - twenty-one) who attended the Pro-Life rally that was happening outside the Legislature.  He wasn't alone - there were two other MPP's there on stage with him.  If you don't feel like following the above link, here's a quote from him:  we pledge to fight to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime

This boy still lives at home with his parents - he has zero life experience. He was home-schooled, which may be good for his book learning but it's a pretty insular upbringing. He's taking his religious morality and politicizing it - he needs to take a step back and do what he was elected to do, which is to represent the needs of the constituents in his riding.  He has no business dictating what may or may not happen between a woman's legs - that is between her, her partner, and HER God - not his.

Just because I think he's a stupid asshat I'll share this with you too (in case you missed it) ... a few days before that rally, his constituency staff called the cops on 15 senior citizens who were having a "read-in" in his office to protest library cuts. Dangerous, scary grey-hairers.  With books. Oooooh... 😱  Geez. Talk about having some fucked up people running the country.

We maintain a separation of Church and State here in Canada, and it should stay that way.  Grow up Sam.


  1. Thank you for verbalizing your thoughts on this issue, and many more, most of which are set by Men—who don’t have to raise the children, by the way. Great to proselytize but not easy for them to see the other side of an issue. No one wishes to end a life if it could have been prevented with education and availability of contraception. Wouldn’t it be nice if MEN took the responsibility and carried the burden of birth control and child rearing? A man who “helps” his partner by “babysitting” their child/ren still doesn’t get the responsibility or privilege of family. I am appalled at how backwards many people still are, in this day and age. Let’s hope for learning, compassion, education and empathy in the future. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

  2. Touché


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