Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blue Stars and Typical February Weather (with a little entertainment)

Mmm, pretty stars set into a white background.

S.I.D. around the stars and along the outer border.  Then motifs went inside the stars and into the setting squares.  The background around the stars was filled with some straight line quilting.

You can see the details more easily on the back.

Around these parts, February is known for it's particularly sh*tty weather.
Here's our kitchen door, Wednesday morning, 9 am.  The three customers I had booked all postponed until Thursday.

Here's Wednesday again, at 5 pm.  Lovely rain (?*#@!!?) and temps hovering just below freezing.

By Thursday morning the temperature had plummetted and the ice was hard as a rock.  Those customers have all postponed again.  You're taking your life in your hands out there with all the ice.  This shot was Thursday at 1 pm when the fog started to roll in.  We also got a severe wind warning with gusts up to a zillion km/hr.

For a little entertainment, I decided that we should clip Sadie ourselves.  She's 12 years old and is so stressed out every time she goes to the beauty parlour it just breaks my heart.  She also has developed a lot of weird skin conditions, AND she's still recovering from her knee surgery.  I thought it would be easier on all of us to just let her stay home for a clip.  Ha ha... this is post haircut.  Pitiful job.  I hope our skills improve.

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