Sunday, February 24, 2019


Another February Winterruption with the Beach Girls has come and gone.  And I just want to point out - in this pic there is not a cocktail glass in sight.

The girls arrived Thursday, late afternoon.
  • unpack
  • cocktails
  • supper (which included Happy Birthday To Me 🙉🎵)
  • movie

  • breakfast
  • field trip to Ottawa Street, Hamilton .  We went to the toy store, an import store, an antique store, a couple fabric shops, and a consignment furniture shop.
  • late lunch/early supper at the Black Forest Inn
  • stop in at Vintage Soul Geek 
  • walk across King St. to Denningers (damn, I wish they'd had some bacon-wrapped tenderloin in the freezer.  Best. Appetizers. Ever.)
  • stop at the drug store and check twelve thousand of DH's lottery tickets from the past year.  OK, twelve thousand is a bit of an exaggeration, but there WERE lots of tickets.  What is wrong with the man, he buys tickets but never checks them???  I took his $46.00 in winnings AND all the free tickets.
  • return home, put purchases away, change into jammies & yoga pants.
  • settle in front of the tv for two more movies.
  • supper was potato chips and assorted junk food.  Healthy, no?
  • breakfast
  • sewing day
  • lunch
  • sewing
  • bar opens at 3:00 🍷 for appetizers and afternoon cocktails
  • supper
  • settle in the living room for two MORE movies
  • now that we've seen FIVE movies, a little pop-quiz to see who could remember the title of Thursday night's movie.  ❓❓❓ Nope.  I had to look it up.  At least we're all forgetful together. 
  • Stupid, stupid, stupid (!) weather forecast for today. 
  • breakfast
  • the girls were all gone by 9:15 this morning.  I wasn't even out of my jammies yet.

On our "sewing" day I finished the binding on these two little panel quilts that I'll be donating somewhere.

I sorted out the progress I've made on my Nine In The Middle  Leaders & Enders quilt from Bonnie Hunter's book.

From this point on, I will be adding the brown cornerstones as seen above.  Once those are all done I will add the completed sashing strips to the sides of the 9-patch blocks to create these:

Our next get-together will be the semi-annual SOLO meeting in April.  Until will be Messenger chats.

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