Saturday, May 5, 2018


The sun is shining, the Long Island Iced Tea has been poured, and the oven is preheating to bake the Brie.
Anne and I arrived late Thursday afternoon after I had a few disagreements with the Garmin.  Sewing, for me, didn't start until Friday when I completed blocks 76 and 77 of the 150 Canadian Women quilt.  I pulled the plug when the potentially disasterous winds picked up in the afternoon (around the time when we had to chase Margaret's barbeque across the deck and re-right it in a safer spot).  Today the neighbours on both sides of Margaret have some tree damage and the hydro is out along the main drag in Bridgenorth.
This morning was our trip to the quilt show, and on our return I completed block 78. 

I'm happy with three blocks finished and now I can move on to project #2.  These are all foursie-blocks that will get stitched into eightsies.

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