Sunday, April 29, 2018

Quilt Basting, Spring Activities and A Bit Of Whinging

One of the jobs that a longarm quilter will do is baste a quilt for you so you can either hand quilt or machine quilt it yourself.  I charge a flat fee of $50.  Some quilters charge by the square foot which might save you money or cost you a bit more, depending on the size of the quilt.
When I baste a quilt I use a 4" grid and, generally speaking, will use up partially filled bobbins.  I don't do anything stupid like bright red bobbins on a white quilt though.  These jobs are slipped in, between quilts that are booked on my quilt schedule, so they're usually ready for you in a week or two.
Spring Activities
Whew... all the windows are washed, with the help of my WONDERFUL Karcher Window Vacuum.  That was the best $35 I ever spent.  I wish there was some excellent tool that would help me wash the screens, too.  But no - those require a scrub brush.  My normal routine has always been to wash the windows in the fall, get the screens done, and store them in a humongous plastic bag in the fruit cellar for the winter. When the spring comes all I need to do is the window washing and pop the clean screens back on.  That didn't happen last fall for some reason so I had to do the whole shebang now.

And if you're curious, as of yesterday we still had two clumps of snow, and there was a possiblity of flurries last night.  You can use your imagination as you ponder my thoughts on that.  It's not a pretty sight.  😝

The most important spring seeds have been started, and my plan is to transplant tomatoes this afternoon.  I also need to find the plastic cloches for the garden so I can put out a couple of cabbage babies and a couple lettuce babies for early eating.

What the Hell I'm Whinging About Now...
Family, and Finances.  Not religion, and not politics.  Although honestly, these days I could rail on about politics for hours.

Dear Family:  You have taken a person who is ALWAYS so happy to be in your company (me), and you've done her wrong.  Maybe you ignored the email, or the phone call.  Maybe you never responded to the package or the card you got in the mail.  Maybe you never bothered to say "yes" or "no" to the dinner invitation.  These are all things that happen quite easily to every person on the planet.  But YOU,... you manage to accomplish these things on a regular basis. Which means they are no accident. So... ok.  Message received.  Hmmph.  In hindsight, writing this was probably a waste of my time.

Finances:  This situation has come up several times over the last few months so I guess it needs to be addressed.  I do not accept post dated cheques.  I let you know your quilt was ready.  You decided on the pickup date.  End of story.  You put me in an awkward position that is very uncomfortable.  That's like asking me if I think your butt looks fat.  Please, have some consideration!


  1. In this digital age I think people have forgotten all the manners our parents and grandparents have taught us.. I never receive so much as a thank you from many of our Family for a birthday gift, christmas gift or a cake I baked for someones birthday or dinner. It never ceases to amaze me that with all that said I continue to give the gifts and cakes and my time. I'm ready to revolt! I, like you have gotten the message so it needs to stop, now.


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