Sunday, February 4, 2018


  • Looong girly bath
  • take Sadie for a walk
  • wash winter coat since I got coated in mud/slush spray from a transport truck while out for walk
  • give Sadie a pedicure. The click, click, click on the floors is driving me nuts.  Yeah, yeah, I know...short trip.
  • set up card table so I can stitch during the game.  Last year I missed several of the commercials and that will NOT happen again.  I mean, who cares about the game?  It's all about the commercials.
  • cook the perogies and the onions, then throw them in a casserole to stay warm in the oven.  See above - I am NOT missing the commercials this year.
Get those helicopter wings going before she gives me a belly-wash with snow!

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