Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Random winter stuff & Almost at the END of the January Challenge

In no particular order...
I have a headache today.  This is very unusual for me.

Here is the Binbrook Fold/Rip/Snip Challenge quilt.  Our meeting was cancelled last night because of the sh*tty weather.  Stupid winter.

Here is the back side of the quilt.  Hopefully we will donate these all to the Catholic Children's Aid Society for those poor kids who come to them with nothing but the clothes on their back(s).  What a horrid way to spend your childhood.

This guy was NOT my friend.  Ultimately, he drowned.  Too bad, so sad.

The kitchen can be a very dangerous place.  Hell.  I need a manicure, or something.  Photo was taken while I was quilting Guild placemats for Meals on Wheels.

Fecking winter is not over yet.  I much prefer July weather.  Give me 30c. any day.

Since it IS still winter, I thought I'd share this with you.  I totally LOVE those ornaments in the blue/white border.

In case you missed it, the challenge was to stop eating/drinking after 8 pm.  I blew it one more night - two Saturdays ago we were out playing cards at a Boy Scout fundraiser in Mississauga.  When we got home at 11 pm, apparently I needed to eat a piece of apple pie.  I also kind of blew it last Saturday but that was TOTALLY Martina's fault.  She forced (!) me to eat a frozen chocolate/sherbet stick at 8:15.  Yes it was good. 👅 I only have two nights to go.  I certainly SLEEP better so I'll probably try to continue my New.Good.Habit.

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  1. You know the old adage about killing a spider means it's going to rain. My sister says that if you drown them it's not the same, its' not her fault that their parents never taught them how to swim


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