Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seasonal Silhouettes quilt and (ahem) Zucchini

This is one of "those" quilts that I wanted to keep for myself.  It is from the book Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar.

I loved the border, so I quilted it to look like a column with a vine growing around it.

The blocks were all s.i.d. with a background fill.

Our summer was so hot and dry, this was the only practical use for an umbrella.  hah.   :-)

With fall upon us now, this block is quite timely.

And, the zucchini report:

picked:  5
picked YTD:  48

I previously mentioned that zucchini was not really prolific this year - this report's five that I picked was over a two week period.  Last year's zucchini count stopped at 105 on Sept. 5th.  I guess I should have gone out and sung to the plants.  


  1. I can see why you would want to keep the quilt to yourself. The column quilting is lovely.

  2. Our zucchini had a really tough skin this year. I could barely cut it. I know it had to do with the drought but it made horrible relish due to the skin.


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