Friday, September 9, 2016

Melon Wedge Quilt & Garden Report (yes including ZUCCHINI)

I worked on a real beauty.

Appliqued melon wedges, with lots of clean, white background.

So pretty.

The garden is in the fall stages of decline.  There is preponderance of weeds (mostly grass) because I don't want to tramp through the potato patch.  (Which as you know is most of the garden.)  And, because it's September and I'm getting sick of the garden.  However the raspberries are in full swing, so I get about a pint every day now.  The zucchini harvest has been steady, but not a show-stopper this year.  The green beans are not a favorite of DH so I planted a scant pile of seeds this year.  The occasional rain gives them a great boost so the harvest is kind of sporadic and just enough for me.  Perfect.


Picked last week:  4
Picked YTD:  43

The windows in my workroom are being replaced today, so I hit the road - landing in Ennismore for a long girly weekend.  This afternoon Margaret took us on a lovely boat ride and tomorrow we'll hit the Buckhorn Quilt Show.  Do you think I will keep my wallet in my purse?   :-)  

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