Sunday, July 31, 2016

Log Cabin with Panels & Super-romantic Anniversary Gift & Strawberry Rescue

Here's a woods-ey, autumn-ey Courthouse Steps Log Cabin with 16-patch centers.  And panels for the alternate blocks.

Whew - that's a lot of description!  I cross-hatched the panels.

I quilted s.i.d. in the logs, with a motif in the 16-p centers.

The borders were s.i.d., and border designs were quilted in.

This is a yummy light blue flannel back.  But OMG, it was so HOT when I was quilting this, that just the thought of flannel was making me feel faint.

Aah, the romantic anniversary gift.  Nothin' says lovin' like a new roof and insulation. :P C' didn't really think something romantic was going on, did you?

I've had strawberries in the garden for years.  In the spring when they are most prolific I usually get to eat one or two berries.  Then the birds discover them and I get zilch.  That leads to my strawberry depression (yes - a true medical condition!).  Then I leave them to get swarmed & buried by the other plants.   This year I made it my MISSION to get some berries.  DH kindly made these little covers that so far... are working.

Look!!  A berry!!  And I get to eat it!!

Picked this week:  5
Picked YTD:     12


  1. He promised to keep a roof over your head didn't he? Strawberry cages look like $2,000. Bat cages I got for anniversary last year...sigh.

    1. I think I prefer strawberry cages over bat cages!


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