Sunday, June 5, 2016

Plantation Garden Quilt & month end stash report

Quilt name:  Plantation Garden.  Oh my gosh, so pretty.

As you should know by now, I love sampler quilts.  For this one I 'themed' the quilting around daisies & feathers.  The braided cable in the borders turned out fabulously, don't you think?

A cute little daisy vine in the ribbon border.

Daisies were repeated in most of the blocks.  Feathers were placed in the repeated setting blocks - you can just see a couple of corners in the photo below.

More daisies and feathers.

Continuous curves and straight lines were used to add unity throughout.

Ooh, the stash report is not looking too good this month.
Used this month:  0 m. Yup - ZERO.
Used YTD:  29.54 m.
Added this month:  .5 m (I went to a quilt show, and as you can see I was really living it up!!)
Added YTD:  70.8 m
NET 2016:  + 41.26 m.

However, you just stay tuned for next month.  I have finished piecing a baby quilt and that will be done before the end of June.  And I have the paint chip/border challenge quilt on the frame right now being quilted.  So that will also be coming off the report.  Granted - these are both small quilts but they will still probably add up to about 10 m.  I hope.


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