Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baby Quilt (UFO Challenge) & Garden Update

This little cutie was my UFO challenge project for May/June.  And it's all done except for completing the hand stitching on the binding.

I love Flying Geese blocks.  I use the Quilt In A Day ruler(s) by Eleanor Burns to make them.  Four blocks at a time.  What could be better?

It took me two tries and a ruined label to get this to print nicely.  There was much cursing involved.  I ended up zigzagging the label on to a piece of card stock to feed it through the printer.

DH got a little carried away with the potatoes this year.  I had to plant the zucchini in the cutting garden, and I think that's where I will be putting the pepper plants and some of the Roma tomatoes, too.  I'm wondering... did he plan that so there would be no room for zucchini???

This is the section that he fenced off for me to keep out the stupid rabbit.  Yes I know it needs weeding.  But you can clearly see the rest of the garden is pretty tidy.  This takes a bit of finessing to get into - I have to undo a couple of zip ties to open up a section so I can slide through.  Then the fencing falls over, which means I do a bit of swearing and have to go back out and pick the fencing up and prop it up and try again.  So ... you know ... I avoid it. :-)

**!@&*  Dammitall.  Asparagus beetles.  I go out and squash them every day.  Later, like 7 pm-ish they are slower and don't fly away as quickly, so that is a better time to do it.

And speaking of squashing...  As I pointed out, there is not a lot of room left in the "proper" garden.  So I decided to commandeer the front flower bed outside of my workroom windows to plant the butternut squash.  I went out Thursday night and dug a few lovely holes and gently plunked the wee plants into them.  Watered with a bit of Fish Emulsion Fertilizer (because you know I like to be all organic-like, eh?).

**!@&*  Dammitall.  I went out Friday morning and THREE OF THE FOUR PLANTS HAD BEEN RIPPED OUT OF THEIR PLANTING HOLES.  Probably a stupid CAT decided there was buried treasure a fish under the squash.  Stupid cat.

Mmm... strawberries almost ready.

See?  Tomatoes!!  These are the plants that were under the red warmer cones I showed you earlier.

It's been crazy windy and pretty dry so the watering must commence.  It's only 6 am and normally the wind is pretty calm at this time of day but stuff is already blowing all over hell.  Now, I'm off to fight with the garden hose...

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  1. Love that kafe quilt..colour combination so much brighter in person...hand sew binding?


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