Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easter/Baby Bunnies

Really, these are bunnies for a baby quilt. But Easter is coming up soon, so...

Normally I hate the little buggers because they are out in the garden lopping off the tops of my green beans.  But these are the cutest things I've seen all week.

I quilted around the applique then stitched a bunny pantograph on the rest of the quilt.  

At retreat last weekend I finished piecing these two little tops for the Hospice, then got them quilted and bound this week.  These are 40" square and 36" square, respectively.

And I've been baaaaddd.  It started with the license plate fabric.  My favorites are "stitch my grits" and "kiss my stash".  Ha ha ha.  The purples are for a couple of projects to be done soon-ish.  The aqua batik is for the horrible (!) Paint Chip Challenge / Border Challenge.
I have finished off the birthday celebrations I think.  On Tuesday I had my birthday dinner with long-standing friends from my RBC days, then on Thursday I went to see David Myles in Brantford.  I'm focusing on spring now - I have a flat of various veggie & herb seedlings sprouting down in the dungeon, and I have a seed-acquiring outing planned for this week.  The garlic that was planted last fall is showing little green shoots and the crocuses are starting to open.

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