Sunday, February 14, 2016

Geez Louise (which is NOT what I really said!)

So.  Where do you want to start, with the QUILTING story or with the HOUSE story

OK.  We'll start with the quilting story.

Cute growth chart, eh?  Yup.  Until you manifest your inner OCD and get a tape measure to double check the side bar with the marked inches.  It is actually 3" out of whack.  When you're a little kid, 3" is a lot.  From the 20" marking near the bottom to the 60" marking near the top there is only a distance of 37", not 40".

So I sent an email to the quilt shop where this was purchased.  She checked her stock, and by golly... YES, I was correct.  The measurement is too short.  First, she removed the rest of them from her shelves, then she contacted the manufacturer on my (and her) behalf.  They explained that the panels had been printed from 'inaccurate artwork'.  Okey dokey.  They sent me the cute little sheep replacement panel, along with 4 meters of apology fabric.  The sheep measured spot on!  Yay!  um...but only until I quilted them.  Sad, sad, sad, the quilting has shrunk the sheep like your wool sweater in a hot laundry.  Two inches in length was lost to quilting takeup.  So I guess this will get cut up into potholders.

Moving on now to the HOUSE story.  I have a boatload of houseguests over the next couple of weeks, between the Beach Girls and my just-retired brother and his wife.  I thought it was time to fix the holes in the walls of the two front bedrooms.

I sent DH down to the dungeon to find the paint can which was clearly (not) marked "upstairs bedrooms".

Apparently, (???) these rooms were painted so long ago that the walls have faded and the paint no longer matches.
Guess what MY decorating project will be this year?  (Should I offer a prize?  The winner gets a wonky growth chart, ha ha ha.)


  1. Oh but that sheep stack is SO cute.....why not just whack off the "measurement" bit and keep it as a super cute wall hanging...hmmm could hang it to cover the mismatched paint

    1. Jill, that's actually a pretty creative solution! :-)


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