Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jinny Beyer Moonglow Quilt, and All About Purple

You can see why this quilt is called Moonglow.

Mmm - look how nicely those fabrics play together!

I wanted to add some bubbles to contrast with the spikey star points.

Limited use of a variegated thread - only in the bubbles, the courthouse steps blocks, and the flying geese.

The s.i.d. (and there was A LOT OF IT), circles outlining the stars, and straight line quilting behind the geese units was all done with black thread.  Oh, so much fun to quilt on black fabric, with black thread, at my age.  Can you say "aargh!!!"?

And since we're all about purple today... If you were a three year old with jet lag, would this wee pillow & matching carry-bag (with a special pocket for your book) encourage you to lay down for story-time?  Anticipating a visit from the Singapore family.  Soon.


  1. I am no where near 3 yrs old and I'd love a pillow and bag like that. Have a great visit.

  2. I don't know about quilting Moonglow, but I pieced one, and it's responsible for grey hairs # 645 through 725! It's a beautiful pattern, though, and you did a wonderful job on the quilting!


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