Monday, June 29, 2015

Bow Tie Quilt and UFO & Stash Reports

It's 2:30 in the morning - I seem to be having one of those nights when I cannot sleep.  That is a good opportunity to draft a blog post, which quite possibly will make no sense. But at least there are pictures. ☺
The UFO challenge for May/June was my Bow Tie quilt. 

This started several (!) years ago during a lesson at the Binbrook Quilt guild, when we learned how to make these cute 3-d bow tie blocks.
I really love the white with summer-beach-house-blues.  It has been custom quilted, using the IQ.

Now there is just the hand stitching of the binding to be done.

Here is my Singapore cutie-pie. (translation of cutie-pie:  great-niece)  Modelling the two outfits made by moi. Her head is lopped off in the photos as her parents like to keep strict control of her social media pics.

She is a total freak about FROZEN (the Disney movie) so this goes along with the pillow & bag from THIS post.  I  love making clothes for little girls.  They can be FUN and BRIGHT.
Used since last report  11.4 m
Used YTD                   58 m
Added since last report  0 - zero - zippo - yay
Added YTD                 35 m
Net YTD                     (-23 m)

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