Sunday, August 17, 2014

Parasol Ladies Quilt, Gimpy Cross-Border Shopping, Stash Report, Zucchini Report

I'm currently working on a Parasol Ladies quilt.  If you remember liquid embroidery, that is what was used here.  So you know it is a few years old.

We had our annual pilgrimage to Diane's in Grand Bend for Beach Day.  Which is really two days.  And we don't go to the beach.  I heffalumped out to the garden and picked a peck of peas to take with me.  It looks like I brought coolers, too.  :-)
There was no way I could shop the mall with my cast, so those crazy girls pushed me around in a wheelchair.  Even one of the sales clerks in Macy's came over and took me to a checkout.  It's a good thing she wasn't a psychopath - who knows where I might have ended up?  This was the haul:
We started at the Mary Maxim sale, where I fell off the wagon.  Since they are WORD prints (mostly) I have excused myself for my bad behavior.
I'm getting around much better these days, and hopefully on Monday the ortho doc will give me permission to go back to normal activities.  When I picked the peas on Monday I could see we'd have purple beans ready in a few days, so on Friday I sent DH out to shop in the yard for supper.  Yum yum yum... yum yum yum...  By the way:  purple beans are schizophrenic.  They are only purple on the outside, and they turn green after cooking.
Today I'm hoping to make a batch of zucchini relish and clean up all the leftover squash in the fridge.  That'll give me a clean start for next week's haul.
Used this month:  0
Used YTD:        64.2 m
Added this month:  3.5 m
Added YTD:       119.25 m
NET YTD:        + 55.05 m

Picked this week:  7
Picked YTD:       41
If you assume that a zucchini in the grocery store would cost $1 you can see that I am a good way towards a new pair of shoes.  :-)


  1. That's some good looking zucchini! I buy about 2 a week during the season so 41 is not so bad. It's just the 7 at one time that would get me! Somehow I missed your mishap/surgery/whatever. Hope you get well soon.

  2. LOL - a zucchini report - how funny and productive, too. We use to have a garden. Now, so many people give us produce - we've stopped doing it. You're half way to being in the black.


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