Friday, July 12, 2013

Scrappy 9-Patch & more pics from Larkwhistle Gardens

The 9-patch is such a simple block, but so effective.

To let the patchwork shine I kept the quilting simple - straight lines through the chains and Line Dancing in the alternate blocks.

In the long bands of cream border I quilted make-believe alternate squares.

The dark green borders got pretty quilting.

The back.  I love the appearance of Line Dancing on plain fabrics - it looks like lace.


This is the entrance.  You can see a peek of the house at the end of the alley.  The gardens are to the right hand side of this section.

Split Rail Fences were used with abandon.
Several small concrete ponds hold water that is used for spot-watering the plants.
Pathways are just packed earth.  It would probably be pretty messy in rainy weather, but they are certainly well-trodden.
Split rail arbour in the background.  See it?  And that is Jean's hubby Dave, in his fancy fishing t-shirt.
Early summer gardens are the prettiest.  And that's Jean with her camera.  Jean came to NB with me last summer.  The best kind of friend to have is one who say's "YES" when you call.
Seclusion, if you want it.
There is a potting shed where all the background work takes place.
Brilliant colours.
More concrete ponds.  Love.


  1. Love nine patch quilts. Yes, they are so simple and so very versatile. Thanks for the tour of Larkwhistle. It looked wonderful.

  2. You have just convinced me that I want to make a simple scrappy nine patch set with white, I can even piece it in between quilting. Thank you IQ :-)

    Those gardens look simply wonderful, enjoy the warm weather, we're in mid-winter here, and even though it is nowhere near as cold as your winters, it is still miserable.


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