Saturday, July 27, 2013

Remembrance Day Banner & IKEA

This is a banner that will hang in the church over Remembrance Day.

The blocks were coloured with crayon.  If you want to try this, after colouring you heat set this with an iron.  Make sure you have paper towels both underneath and on top of the quilt block.

Quilted with S.I.D. around the blocks and sashing and border, and along the black contour lines inside the blocks. Oak leaves in the outer border and arcs in the sashing.

Dark thread on a light backing can be a frightening prospect for the quilter (that would be ME), but it sure makes a striking effect.

Hah!  Did you know that IKEA sells sewing machines?  For seventy bucks don't expect anything too fancy.


I'm a day early but here we go:
Picked this week: 5 (gave away 2)
Picked YTD:  14
With the zucchini planted in the compost, I seem to be losing a few small zucchini every week.  They get yellow at the blossom end and fall off the plant.  I'm not sure what is causing this - not enough water???  We will see how the season progresses.  I know that DH squelches a smile when he hears about the lost fruits.

My THIRD planting of beans has sprouted.  Peter Rabbit #2 has been making himself scarce ever since Sadie mowed down on Peter Rabbit #1.

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