Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some fun on the way home

The trip home took two days. We stopped for lunch in Dixfield, Maine at the Front Porch Cafe.  OMG. More trash and treasures than you could ever imagine. This is a shot from inside the bathroom.  And the food was really good, too.

 At an information booth I met my new best friend.

And we checked out Steven King's house (although we were NOT invited in).  At one of the many information booths where we stopped, the lady at the counter told us her tourist story.  She was in Bangor with her daughter and wanted to see Steven's house.  She stopped at a convenience store to get directions, and the fella told her that he (Steven) had just left after buying his morning paper.  She would find him at this house (which was just around the corner) in his car in the driveway, where he apparently reads his paper every day.  Jean and I did not see him in the driveway, but he was having some work done on the house so the driveway gates were open and there were a couple workmen there.  Honestly, I think he needs some improvement to his eaves troughs.  But he didn't ask for my advice.

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  1. I don't know - you show the washroom and then right away talk about the food? I hope it wasn't eaten in the washroom...
    Been through Bangor, Maine. 'nuff said. Not interested in King's books although my hubby likes them but, we didn't even think of looking for his house.


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