Saturday, August 25, 2012

30's Sampler & Plumbing

Love, love, love 30's prints.

This quilt gots lots of s.i.d., outlining, and straight line quilting.

It also got a bit of c/c and some line dancing.

I can picture a kitchen in an old house done with these colours.

This is never a good sign when you live in the country.

Muddy water and the well truck.

This has the potential to get REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE.  I'm glad it waited until after I got home from my summer holiday, otherwise that may have been postponed yet again.

On the plus side, right now we are running all the hoses full blast trying to clear up the water, so the gardens are finally getting a good drink.  On the not-so-plus side, taking a shower is sort of counter-productive.  I'm not sure what I'll tell my hairdresser on Monday if she notices dirt behind my ears.

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  1. Love the sampler! I always enjoy this 'style' but I can never seem to make one. It has been along time since I lived on land where the water came from a well, but I do remember the occassional crisis, esp in hot dry summers - hope it clears up as the weather cools...


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