Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilts, Box Cushions, Leek Roundup

Log Cabin. Yum - love the blue & yellow.

Garden Quilt. Cozy flannel-ish backing.

New upholstery on the box cushions for my nephew's window seat.
Now for the (last) Friday Report.  It was a beautiful day, around 13c.  This nice weather won't hold for much longer.  It was time to dig the leeks.
Approximate leek count:  120
Avoid the playful distraction
Arm myself with the steel toed boots.

Chop off the bulk of tops with handy-dandy hedge clippers.  Lee Valley Tools, I heart you.

As a lazy gardener, I will leave the leaves as on-ground compost.  The rabbit-bastard(s) will enjoy the greens after they finish up with my cabbages.
Three hours later.  Thirty leeks have been put aside for Jean & Jane, the rest are in the bag.

Time for a cocktail and hors-d'oeuvres.  Two parts vodka, one part mandarin orange liqueur, generous glug of orange juice.  Two ice cubes.

Can you tell I've been eating alone this week?  Soup bowls and sandwich plates.  This is the new 'stealth' dishwasher.  OMG - so quiet!!!!
OK.  Back to work.  Cut off the roots and the dark green parts.  Slice lengthwise and swish around in a sink full of water.  In my lovely NEW 9" deep sink.  I heart my new sink, too.

Drain,  Chop.  Line cookie sheet(s) with wax paper.  Freeze leek bits on cookie sheets.  The whole house will have a noticeable odour.  Wait 24 hours, then bag the frozen leeks.  I use leftover milk bags because 1) they are free, and 2) they are a nice heavy food-grade plastic.  For you non-Canadians, yes, we get our milk in bags.
The garden is pretty much empty now, except for a huge batch of volunteer cilantro which has sprouted, and some lettuces which are also volunteers.  I may put some cloche hats on the lettuce and see if I can harvest a couple heads later in December.  I have nothing the lose, right?


  1. Great quilting and I love Leeks. Be careful using those bags a friend got sick reusing plastic bags. Bunny

  2. The quilts are beautiful! I love your leek freezing idea and will definitely give it a try as sometimes my veggie man delivers more than we can eat in time. Your deep sink is lovely and I can see why you heart it so.


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