Friday, January 7, 2011

Something a little non-quilty

It's not ALWAYS about quilting around here.  Sometimes one of the neighbours comes over with a bunch of felt letters in a ziplock bag.  I figured that in my condition (see previous post) I would probably spell something wrong.  But no, everything looks ok.

DH is suffering from the plague.  Usually sick men, I mean they're usually sick, or all sick, or... I mean when they are UNWELL they are normally a big pain in the arse.  DH has been so sick he's either in bed or the bathroom.  Not much trouble at all.  I'm making the second pot of turkey soup tonight.  Thank goodness for Christmas leftovers.  I spent Boxing Day tearing apart the leftover turkey, making stock and four turkey pies for the freezer.  Handy, huh?  Yesterday I whipped up a batch of buttermilk & cheddar scones, which are mostly gone.  Tonight we will have to have brownies with our soup.  :-)

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