Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farmer's Wife quilt

This week I spent mostly quilting this Farmer's Wife quilt. Made from templates - oy, yoy, yoy. I do love sampler quilts, so I really enjoyed this job.

Freeloaders have been stopping in for supper - eating the farmer's leftover corn. I let Sadie out and she will sit on the the porch looking at the geese, while the geese look at her. Then she decides IT'S TIME and she'll take off at a mad run and scare the poor buggers away.

As you can see from the above photo the weather is totally crap here.  Cold, blowy, snowy, stay-in-the-house weather.  In my dedication to the craft I fought my way outside and taught a workshop at the Stoney Creek Quilters' Guild.  The gals made placemats with ribbon borders and tea cozies with kite tail borders.  This was a perfect one day class.  All tea cozies were done or ready for quilting, and everyone finished at least one placemat.  Good job ladies.  Wish I'd remembered my camera.  The class snafus were one set of half squares that needed to be unsewn because they were not right sides together (oops).  Then the sewing machine which kept magically unthreading itself.  There were a few 'what the hell????' moments until we figured out it was an 'easy threading' needle (note to self - don't ever buy those!!!).

Yesterday while DH and I were out at the movies with Luke & Mel, Luke's parents were out visiting Mom at the new 'home'. I hope I am as cheerful as Mom when I'm her age. If I make it to her age.
Movie review: we went to see True Grit with Jeff Bridges. If you are a fan of the John Wayne version you will enjoy this but find parts of it a little too... graphic. If you have never seen a western you will find it interesting and a good way to pass a couple hours.  You probably won't decide westerns are your favorite genre.  You will need popcorn.

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