Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm close to finishing this quilt - down to the last set of borders. My customer (lucky woman) will be leaving for the southern climes this coming week, for the whole winter. She wants to take this with her so I need to keep my butt moving.

Recipe for Disaster #1:
  • take one brand new breadmaker
  • take one recipe from a different breadmaker
  • take one cook who usually experiences quasi-failures with the breadmaker makes, ahem, interesting loaves of bread

Speaking of keeping my butt moving, how's this for Recipe for Disaster #2:
We're going skating this afternoon. It's a free skate sponsored by the Caledonia Kinsmen. Admission is a donation to the food bank. So far it's cost us $120.00. I needed new skates and DH needed his sharpened. We both needed new blade protectors. It will be interesting to see how much this REALLY costs, when I add in the food and the lost wages after I break my hip.


  1. lol! Good luck skating. I think I would have just given the $120 to the Food Bank. I can't even dance without hurting myself! I'd never try skating.


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