Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sampler Quilt and Christmas odds & ends

I love sampler quilts, and this is a beautiful example. 
Fabulous border print for the outer border.
Not your everyday straight slab-o-sashing.
Beautiful reproduction Civil War prints.

DH & the neighbour, armed with their flyers from Home Hardware and Canadian Tire, heading out to Christmas shop for 'the wives'.  I'm going to start stuffing the mailboxes with sale flyers from Birks Jewellers and see if they get the hint.  Shiny baubles in a tiny box are much nicer to open on Christmas morning.  However, I have to give them credit for being EARLY and not shopping on the 24th.

Last week was our Red Hat Christmas dinner at the Purple Pear in Hamilton.  It's in a skanky area of town, but has excellent food and the company was great.
I'm in the middle of making 24 Christmas bibs aprons for the residents at Mom's retirement home.  These are for the special residents who need assistance with their meals.  Why I get myself involved in these projects when I have no time is beyond my comprehension.  But I do it every year.  Maybe it's genetic?

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