Sunday, January 9, 2022

Very Simple Yet Very Effective and Some 2022 Plans

 Here are a couple of November quilt jobs.  Both of these are made with simple blocks, and the end results are great.  Both are also very scrappy - my favorite!

#1 - 9-Patch blocks

#2 - Half-Square Triangle blocks

This is my New Years Day project.  I've been stitching a bit on this every day.  The rows are ready to sew together.  Maybe tonight I'll start that?

Today was one of those days where I was having trouble getting motivated.  To be honest though, many days are like that.

In the past week there have been THREE mornings when I slept until 9:30, and NONE when I was up at 5.  Today was a 9:30 day, and a girly-bath day when I allow myself the luxury of soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts and some lovely fragrant oil.  Me, a coffee, and a good book. If you do a little ciphering you'd figure out that it was after 1:00 when I finally got dressed.  Today's book is  What Strange Paradise by Omar El Akkad .

With the province kind of locked down again the ennui is in full force.  And the weather has been rather unco-operative so I haven't gone for a walk for a couple of days.  Thank goodness a friend popped over yesterday - we had a nice visit on the front porch.  The Universe gave us some beautiful sunshine but it was a cold wind.  I brought a couple of quilts out for us to keep our legs warm.

What I DID manage to accomplish today:
  • updated the Caledonia Guild blog
  • downloaded a year's worth of bank statements and made my TFSA contribution for 2022
  • put the new-to-me laptop from 1-800-LUKE into the gifted laptop case from neighbour Doug
  • had breakfast, lunch, supper
  • changed the sheets
  • did a load of laundry
  • did some admin work on the SOLO facebook group
  • paid the internet bill
  • called a Binbrook guild member about the block swap - what to do in January when we most likely won't have a meeting


  • DH, who has been doing a lot of cooking.  A HUGE batch of hamburger soup, Chicken Parmesan which was very good, a LARGE but not huge batch of vegetable soup, biscuits.
  • hobbies to keep me occupied. 
  • the friend who popped in and who ALSO brought me a loaf of her sourdough bread.  Yum!!!
  • neighbour Doug, who is the world's best scavenger.  He happens to be married to my egg supplier, who I am also grateful for. 💕
  • a good sized house with two t.v.s so I can watch the news while he watches his bang-bang-shoot-em-up shows.  The upstairs t.v. room is also a nice place to escape to for a nap.  Or when, in the midst of a pandemic, you feel like the sharp knives are too easily accessible during a conversation which is quickly degenerating into a domestic.
TARGET ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR 2022 (we will NOT be referring to these as "resolutions")
  • at least 5 donation quilts - I normally have no difficulty with this target.
  • net stash reduction of at least 50 m.  Also not usually difficult.
  • finish at least 3 ufo projects, another goal that should be easy to meet.  I need to do another ufo count - I don't think my sidebar list is accurate.
  • find some floor space in the room I laughingly refer to as my office.  I need to sell the old floor speakers, clean then sell a nice toaster-oven, get rid of some boxes of junk, and OMG we have so much electronic stuff (cables, plugs, routers, thingies) that need to go...
  • lose 5 pounds.  Ha ha ha ha... I said that last year too.  The year before I said 10 pounds!  Crazy woman. Pfftt.  Actual pounds lost is negative 2.  Yup, that's a double negative.
  1. at the niece's recommendation, I watched The Maid on netflix , which is very good.
  2. I noticed that it's based on a book.
  3. I looked for the book through my online library.
  4. FOUND the book, which has a wait list.
  5. I noticed there was a recommendation for another book called The Maid and downloaded that instead.
  6. I spent a week reading the story of Joan of Arc.  This was also a very good book, although a little more gory that what I'd normally read.  It is a war story, after all.
I can't seem to get away from this topic.  Someone I was talking to thinks it will be a major issue until 2023.  Dear God!  They are probably right, though.  It's quite difficult to get a test these days because the health system is overwhelmed.  The general guidance is that the Omicron variant has symptoms very much like a cold or seasonal flu.  Most reported symptoms are sore throat, cough, runny nose (also nausea, night sweats, lower back pain).

World:  Total cases 306,689,375.  Did you get that number?  306 Million.  Total deaths 5,488,000.
USA:  Total cases 60,062,000.  Total deaths 837,504.
Canada:  Total cases 2,532,885.  Total deaths 30,812.
Ontario:  Total cases 877,000.  Total deaths 10,398. 

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