Saturday, September 4, 2021

Sad Fur-baby News, Complaint Update, etc...

 So yeah, sad news here last week.  Our sweet dog Sadie took her last breath on the same day as Charlie Watts.  I've been comforted by the thought that she went through the pearly gates with someone who loved music, and she can keep him company. 

DH and I are so grateful for the wonderful care she received throughout her 14+ years from the Caledonia Veterinary Clinic.  Oh darn, excuse me... sniff, crying again. Sniff.  OK.  Let's carry on.

As an old dog she was on meds quite a bit.  It got to the point where DH and I were having trouble keeping track of her pills, especially if one of us had to hit the road in the morning, or went to bed early at night.  Whenever she was on a round of antibiotics I had to resort to keeping a separate calendar that we could tick off for every dose.  Here's an example of twice a day dosing for three weeks.  That's a little whiteboard in the kitchen - it's turned out to be the BEST. THING. EVER.

In my last post I mentioned that I'm attempting (hah, pfftt!) to go 30 consecutive days without complaining.  I've had to restart another couple of times since my last blog post, so the most recent start date now sits at August 22nd.  This current 14 day stretch is the longest I've managed in one straight run.  Previously the maximum stretch had been nine days.  It seems that every time I've caught myself slipping up, I've been in conversation with a girlfriend (or several) and the conversation turns to crabbing about something.  Sometimes I start the crab session, sometimes I just join in with whoever's carrying on about whatever.  Very broadly, the complaints have tended to be about husbands (no real surprise there, as anyone who is married will tell you!) or regarding some area of politics.  There's a federal election coming up soon, which is driving a LOT of complaints.  I have gotten to the point where I'm much better at having a discussion instead of ragging on in misery.  Will I get through another 16 days?  I'll keep you posted.

Whoo baby!  All those leaves and the mushroom compost certainly paid off.  We are drowning in potatoes, many of them volunteers that overwintered through that thick blanket.  I've got butternut squash big enough to kill somebody.  The zucchinis are still producing, and the cucumbers are only now deciding to give up the ghost.  I have to start doing something with the tomatoes this weekend.  Some of the slicing tomatoes are the size of my foot, and even the romas are big, fat and round.  

I finally made it up to the Kawarthas to see Margaret.  It had been over two years since we'd seen each other.  We spent some time tooling around the lakes in her boat, ate lots of junk food, spent an afternoon at Kawartha Quilting, and generally caught up.  Her neighbours kindly provided some entertainment and threw a wedding in their backyard.  FYI they still play The Macarena at receptions. 🎵

I'm catching up on as much social life as I can because it'll be another long, lonely fall and winter season I think.  Covid is not going away anytime soon.

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