Sunday, March 14, 2021

Kaffe Sampler & Pants Mending

 I've said many times that I love working on sampler quilts.  This purple Kaffe - definitely wanted to keep this!

It was very difficult to see while I was working on the borders and the sashing, but the quilting shows nicely on the back.

Here are a couple of the blocks.


Well, of course I want to talk to you about this.  Isn't mending every quilter's favorite thing to do?  No, I didn't think so.  Usually when DH asks me to mend something that he has CLEARLY been so careful with, I tell him to just add it to the pile.  Well, dammit.  That response didn't work this time.  He said that he N.E.E.D.E.D. these fixed, sooner rather than later.  Blecch.

Yes he blows through the knees on most of his work pants and adds lots of decorative little holes in assorted random places everywhere else.
If, like me, you mutter several un-ladylike words when faced with putting patches on the knees, the little tip I got from Mom many, many years ago is to open up the side seam.  Not the side with 14 rows of stitching - the OTHER side with a regular seam.  That is really quick to do with a seam ripper.  Then you can open up pretty much the whole leg, stitch the patch on, and then sew the seam closed again.
It doesn't make the job any more fun, but it will save your sanity.

Then you can go back to your OTHER favorite (?) thing - paper piecing some minis.


WORLDWIDE:  119.7 million cases, 2.6 million deaths, 454,000 new cases March. 13/21

USA:   29.4 million cases, 534,600 deaths, 53,000 new cases yesterday

CANADA: 913,300 cases, 22,400 deaths, 3,105 new yesterday

ONTARIO: 318,000 cases, 7,153 deaths, 1,747 new yesterday. 

HAMILTON:  11,241 cases, 295 deaths, 83 new yesterday


  1. Now THAT is an ingenious tip! Must remember that, though usually I say forget it, and he buys another pair... Your quilting is beautiful! Thank you for showing it on the back so I could drool a little over it. :-)

  2. Love the pieced scrappy sashing!


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