Sunday, May 3, 2020

Cozy House Quilt & Covid Update #3 (including more tidbits from that whackjob Donald Trump)

This is such a cozy House block quilt, with the addition of Courthouse Steps blocks.

Homespun fabrics, quilted with a very traditional Baptist Fan design.

I always love pieced backs.

Here's one of my favorite spring scenes.  There were four honeybees buzzing around in there with those cute little jonquils.

COVID JOURNAL #3 (4/20 - 5/2)

4/20 Ordered 10 m elastic @ Ann's Fabrics, pickup at their back door. New projections for Ontario: 20,000 total cases (at 11,184 today) . Declaration of emergency extended to May 12.
4/22 Up at 330, baking muffins by 430. 

 1-800-Luke came by and picked up the package we had for him from the vet, AND dropped off a lasagne for us, yum. 💕  Finished the masks for the food bank. Ordered another produce box for Friday pickup. Ontario has now requested military assistance for the long term care facilities. sad.
4/23 Went OUT today although I still only wore yoga the Food Bank to deliver masks, made a bank machine deposit,  hardware store to pick up 2.2 kg chieftain seed potatoes, and then Hagersville for truck parts. As we drove past Hewitt's Dairy I was lamenting that we couldn't stop for lunch on the way back. After lunch (at home 😕) I called around looking for more seed potatoes for the garden and was only able to find one more bag so I prepaid that and we'll pick it up tomorrow. Heard the news that Doug Ford's m.i.l. has been diagnosed positive - at 95 she is unlikely to survive.
4/24 -OMG. Donald Trump has suggested consuming /injecting disinfectants. Fuck me. HOW did this man get elected and why has he not been put in the looney bin?  Later on he walked that back and said he was being sarcastic.  Um, if you believe that bullshit you should watch the news clips - he was being completely serious. Today's $25 produce pickup included 1 romaine lettuce, 1 cabbage, 1 broccoli,  1 sweet potato,  1 box tomatoes,  9 mini cucumbers,  1 cantaloupe,  8 kiwi,  8 apples, 1 box raspberries, 1 mango, 1 bag red grapes. Picked up the prepaid bag of potatoes, and scored three more at the produce pickup. Drove past Costco -dh wanted to stop but I refused to line up in what appeared to be a looong line.
4/25- Province reporting 14,000 cases and 900 deaths. Community gardens are allowed to open, following physical distance and sanitization guidelines. Pay increases for front line workers in various health care settings.
4/26 Ontario schools will stay closed until May 29. I made 2 dozen cinnamon buns. Why, why, why? Gave a pan of 6 to the neighbours, put 6 in the freezer, and hid a pan of 6 before dh puts himself in a sugar coma. 

4/27 A clip from CNN news regarding that ridiculous (!) president and his "disinfectant" suggestions:

I went to grocery store, last hour before closing. Not busy.  I was the only person wearing a mask.
4/29 Zoom birthday party for great-niece tonight. During a porch quilt dropoff today I stuck my head out the living room window and chatted with a live body! Planted 2 lettuce and 2 cabbage under cloches.
4/30 - trimmed my bangs.
5/1 Got a takeout pizza for DH's birthday.  Ontario will allow garden centers to open starting Monday May 4th for curbside pickup or delivery only, and they must maintain social distancing. I guess no one told Doug Ford that they were already doing that. Golf courses may prep their greens, but cannot open yet. Automatic and self-serve car washes may open too...thank goodness, 'cause my beast is filthy!  Ontario has 17,119 cases and about 1,200 deaths (541 have been  in LTC homes). The province is running at over 400 new cases every day.
5/2 Picked up an order of hamburger and roasts from  a local farmer that should see us through the rest of the year.  Absolutely AWFUL news coming out of the meat packing plants in Alberta...921 employees at Cargill have been diagnosed with covid19.

I feel so sorry for our U.S. neighbours.  I would be embarrassed to admit that my country was being led by the likes of Donald Trump.  I sure hope that our federal government has the good sense to keep our borders closed, in light of the fact the U.S. has decided that nail polish and tattoos are so important that all those people have to go back to work.  Gosh, I don't even have that in my journal, about the protest rallies happening (which is also leaking up here - there have been a couple of rallies in Toronto by idiots demanding that we open everything back up).  I'm grateful that I'm in a position to stay home and limit outings for as long (hopefully) as will be necessary.  Although, I did see that some of the medical experts are suggesting that we could be in this boat for two years.  Yikes! 


  1. Love your updates. There's always a smile and a laugh to cheer up a dismal grey morning.

  2. I hope you might consider reading this before you again repeat false information from CNN. It's fine to hate Trump. But it's not fine to believe false information from a corrupt media.

    The good news is that he's not your president so he's not your problem. But we must take personal responsibility to make sure we are truly informed about our leaders. There's plenty to complain about but injecting bleach isn't one of them.

    1. Hey Vicki, thanks for your comment. I can't read the article because I'm not a subscriber. However, I'm not sure why you think the clip from CNN is "fake news"? News outlets all seem to lean left or lean right - that does not make their reporting "fake" - it means that you don't agree with their particular spin. Everything in that clip, to my knowledge, is fact. I follow CBC, BBC, MSNBC, CNN, and - yes - FOX news. I watched Donald Trump's press conference so I am 100% certain about what he said regarding disinfectants and light. IMO Dr. Birx should be held personally accountable for injury that has resulted from Trump's offhand musings becasue she sat there and let him carry on with that nonsense. Oh dear, I'm going down a rabbit hole here... sorry about that. Anyhow, I'd be happy to read the article but you'd have to copy & paste it to me.

  3. It's so weird how different people can look at a news report and see two different things!...but I'm with you, he said what he said. real comment is this...don't be put off by the lines at Costco...they move along quite quickly and they have a wonderful set-up in place. There will be a looong line at the check-out but that moves along quickly as well.


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