Saturday, November 2, 2019

Two Cute Kid's Quilts & Leisure Activities

Cute little cars, quilted with a panto.  This will make a great baby quilt for some little person.

Embroidered bears in an assortment of activities.

Given all the work that went into this beautiful embroidery, custom quilting was certainly warranted.

Leisure this month was an evening with my Red Hat girls.  After dinner out, we went to the museum for a MUMMY UNWRAPPING.  Honest to goodness.


If you're like me, living in blissful ignorance, you may be surprised to learn that you can BUY mummies.  Yep.  Because, I mean, who wouldn't want one in their living room?

In other news...DH continues with his twice weekly therapy sessions.   It's been getting a wee bit stressful for both of us (for different reasons 😊) which makes it a PERFECT time for me to get out of Dodge.  Yay for a week in Tobermory with the Beach Girls!  The cocktail ingredients are all set to go, as am I.

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