Sunday, April 14, 2019

Vintage Quilts (love), the Current To-Do List, A Bit Of Humour

Several years ago I went on a road trip to the Shelburne Museum for their 100 Best Quilts exhibit.  So many of the quilts were tagged with the comment "maker unknown" that I was walking around with a kleenex mopping up my tears.  Yes, I'm a total crybaby.  I'm pretty sure I embarassed my friend Sue. The exhibit was fabulous if you're into vintage quilts.  Keep an eye out, they may do it again.  They DO have a quilt exhibit on from May through October.
Anyhow...I have a new customer who is loaded with vintage quilts.  She brought these two to start with.  Dear God - a double whammy - vintage AND Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I almost had to sit down.

Here's the first.  I did s.i.d. alongside the white area to create the "fence".

Inside the flowers is a six sided motif.  These were pretty wonky.  Some of the fabrics are polyester, so when the top was washed those bits did not shrink, but some of the cotton fabrics did.  It doesn't matter, it's still beautiful. 💗

Here's the back.

This is number two. These flowers are MUCH larger and have a small flower at the intersection of each block.  In this pic I'd finished...
  • s.i.d. around the large flower, the inner small flower, and the intersection flowers.
  • stitched a motif inside the small flowers, both the yellow center ones and the intersection ones
  • stitched a motif inside all the large flowers with a ring-around-the-posy type motif in the large flower zones.
But I was seriously, creatively stuck on what to quilt in the yellow background area.

I ended up with 1" diagonals which did a good job of nailing down the background without taking over the quilt. 

It also eliminates the worry of showcasing any crookedness in the piecing.

Another beautiful back. 💗


I'll leave you with a little humour if you have 20 minutes to kill.  This comedian is hilarious.  Zip in to about the 6:20 mark for his introduction.  Rob Pue.  Link HERE.  Go to the bathroom first - I don't want you peeing yourself.  Especially if you have any connection to the East Coast.

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