Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fruitful Abundance quilt, Crazy Book, and Zucchini Report

This is Fruitful Abundance, a class that was run at Quilt Junction.  The maker is a bit of an overachiever and completed hers waaay before the others in the class.

She had three requests with the quilting - one was to keep the 'folk art' feel and not overdo the quilting.

The second was to add a bird to the vases, and the third was to quilt a running leaf vine in the outer half-square border.  There is a TON of s.i.d. and outline quilting on this.

So, on to the Crazy Book story.
Y'all know, sort of, Diane - leader of the Beach Girls.  One day last summer I was having a glass of wine and talking with her husband (let's call him Bill) about goodness-knows-what, and he mentioned that he had a book I might be interested.  When he finally remembered who the author was I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped, because "Bill" never struck me as someone who would follow Deepak Chopra.  I've read one of Chopra's books and it was about the chakras.  The next time I saw "Bill" he handed over his copy of You Are The Universe, and made it abundantly clear that he wanted the book back.

I was kind of getting into the book because some of the concepts were pretty mind-blowing.  Here's a page....

and the following page....

Even though I found myself having to reread a lot of it, it was pretty interesting.  Sadly - as it progressed, it was getting to be more and more like this, which required MANY page rereads.
I finally gave up around page 200.  But I appreciated the way it changed my perception of a lot of things.  I had that book for a year.  Diane would laughingly ask me occasionally how I was doing with it.  So I'd remind her that every page required THREE reads before I'd "get it", so Bill was just going to have to be patient.  I think he was glad to get it back when it was returned at Beach Day.

On to something that is much more understandable for many of us...

Picked last two weeks:  27
Picked YTD:                 86
Gave away last two weeks:  6  (What?  Only 6?  sigh.)

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  1. Life is way too short. I would have given up on the book long before page 200! There is a 'rule of 50' out there that I adhere to.


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