Sunday, July 22, 2018

Quilts (of course), Bugs, and Zucchini Report

Here's a pretty little thing I finished recently for a customer.  I love that panto - it's very delicate & girly.

This is what I'm currently working on.  It'll probably take me a week...maybe more.  Tons of straight line quilting and s.i.d., and a mix of freehand and I.Q. work.  (I.Q. is Intelliquilter - my computer drive).

I guess that sometimes we PAY for bugs.  DH inadvertently brought one home with him.  Normally I prepare broccoli by making a broccoli salad.  This time I think maybe I'll cook it.

Sigh.  Zucchini Bugs.  This is the underside of a zucchini leaf.  Do you see the small orangey dots?  Get a closeup look - it's a zillion eggs of  Squash Bug.  Here's a LINK.

This year my plan of attack is to cut that portion of leaf out, bring it in the house and flush it down the toilet.

This week's bit of zucchini humour: I usually do some gardening in the morning while it's still comfortably cool outside.  I come in, wash & put away the produce.  Then I go to work.  One day this week I was stitching away, thinking that the little tickle I could feel on the back of my neck was the chain from my necklace.  Um, no.  I grossed myself out when I realized it was a squash bug that had been hitch-hiking, probably in my hair.  gaahh... ICK!

Picked this week:  9
Picked YTD:        25  **this has been the haul from just two weeks
Gave away this week:  4

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