Sunday, March 18, 2018

Beautiful Batik Diamonds

Wow, talk about something that looks like stained glass!  I'm pretty sure I would drive myself insane if I attempted to piece this - diamonds surrounded by thin sashing.  In case you're not thinking that far ahead, this leaves bias along all the outside edges.  The quiltmaker did a great job of keeping this flat and square.

I stitched around all the sashing, then along the borders.  The diamonds were quilted with a lovely curly motif that I drafted from the curls in the border design.

It's much easier to see on the back.

While I was away on retreat with the Binbrook guild I got most of the Apple Core twosies stitched into foursies.  I had to lay out a bit of a row just to keep myself motivated - I get sick of stitching the same thing over and over again.  I still have a few more to get stitched, then they can start to become eightsies.
This weekend I've been working on the dreaded annual PAPERWORK MARATHON.  Why can't I be a smart person and keep up with this all year long?  idiot.  I must not leave it any longer because tax time is fast approaching.

Next week I'll be posting from LANCASTER PA.  I'm heading off on another bus trip with Diane's Destinations to the AQS show.  I signed up for a couple of lectures to keep myself inspired.  It should be a fun week!

A special note for Longarm Quilters in Southern Ontario - I am the invitation coordinator for SOLO (Southern Ontario Longarm Operators).  If you have not received your invitation to the spring meeting please send an email to and I will get you on the list.

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