Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The first paint job of the vacation is about to commence...
That corner is where the fridge goes, and where the broom closet was removed.  DH is such a handy guy... he removed the bank of three cupboards above and remounted them so they are still useable.  Although not by me.  Even when I get on a chair I can only reach so far beyond the massive fridge.  I guess only guy stuff will live up there.

I found the paint can down in the dungeon labeled "KITCHEN".  I was finally able to get the lid off, only to discover a solid lump of solidified paint.  I took the label to the paint store and the nice lady apparently didn't hear me say "a quart of this please, I mean a liter, whatever".  So she mixed up a gallon.  Which I did not want.  She poured the necessary quart into a new can and sent me on my way.  I sincerely hope this paint's been 10 (TEN!) years since the kitchen was painted.

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