Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sassy Stars Quilt - Mine!

Are you a big fan of the Sew Kind Of Wonderful women?  Me too! The book for the Quick Curve Ruler that includes this pattern was purchased last year at MQX, and autographed.  :-)  I made this tablecloth-size, it's about 50" square.

I bought the purple fabric from a customer when I was making my great-niece's Frozen dress.  And the remainder of the stars are all made using (a very small part of) my collection of word fabrics.

I used up leftovers - I pieced the batting using a tail end off a roll of Hobbs 80/20, and I pieced the backing from a remnant of batik wide backing.
This is still on my ufo list though, until I complete the binding.  I like to attach bindings on the longarm.  My Beach Girls are coming for WINTERRUPTION in a few weeks and one of them would like a demo of how that is done.  Some day I will add that as a tutorial here on the blog, but it's easier to grasp something when you can see it up close and personal.

  • I had a GANGLIAN removed from my foot.  It didn't hurt, exactly, but it's been increasing in size for the past 18 months, and was really uncomfortable by the end of the day after being squashed in shoes for ten hours.  $120.00 later, I'm all better.  (no, foot care is NOT covered by OHIP)
  • DH is finally getting over his cold.  It started January 2nd, so we're talking FOUR WEEKS of a sick husband.  Send flowers.  For me.
  • It is so warm today, there was a bug flying around outside the kitchen window.  I take all the screens off for the winter because there are no bugs.  Hello, Universe????


  1. very nice quilt and fabulous quilting, lots of textures

  2. Beautiful tablecloth.....I wouldn,t want to be person who spills red wine on it!


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