Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scrappy Split 9-Patch Quilt & Entertainment

As you know, I love scrappy quilts.  I could seriously keep this one.  It might be my favorite out of everything I've quilted this month.

Did you know I also love yellow?  If you've been to my house you'd have noticed that my living room is yellow.

In keeping with the sunny theme, I quilted this with butterflies, using thread in a mustard colour.

Several people have asked how the quilt sale went last week.  Well, it went.  I sold some quilts and DH sold one of his cute little Christmas trees.  I came out ahead, but not enough to make it worthwhile.  It was too much money, too much effort, and too stressful.  It's now on my list of "don't do again".  I am glad I made the attempt though, otherwise I would always wonder if I should have.

Movies:  If you haven't seen The Martian yet with Matt Damon, you really should.  It's a great movie.
Books:  The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden.  A crazy, preposterous caper.  Very (!) entertaining.

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