Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Railing

The railing is starting to fill up with projects.  None of them are mine.  Yet.
Yesterday was my day in the kitchen, so I made Oatmeal Bake with blueberries & peaches for breakfast.  Lunch was unplanned, so Diane fed us smoothies.  I made afternoon hors d'oerves (bacon tarts) to sop up the alcohol from the cocktails (the Derby made with sweet vermouth, bourbon, grand marnier and lime juice).  Then supper was salmon, potato wedges, sweet potato/carrot puree, ceasar salad, and dessert of apple cake.  I had trouble squeezing into my pants this morning.
This afternoon I am going for a walk.  Honest. 😉


  1. haha, your posts are always entertaining! I hope you got that walk in :-)

  2. Agree with Leeanne, you are always a kick to read!

  3. squeezing into my ELASTIC waist pants. cuz no retreat is complete w/out elastic waist pants. Right?


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