Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where the quilt got left, Zucchini Report, and Stash Report

This is kind of where the 'vacation project' got left.  Although there are actually 50 of these blocks, not 16 like in the photo.
Jean and I had a great trip home, staying overnight in Troy, NY.  Troy has some beautiful (!) architecture.  Some of the houses are being lovingly maintained/renovated, while many others are in a complete state of disrepair and boarded up windows.  That makes the whole city a little bit scary, if you are just passing through.  We kept reminding each other to lock the doors.

It took me two days to get my laundry under control, helped by the quantity of cross-border shopping that I did.  Amazingly, the whole garden was not dead when I returned - DH did a good job of keeping things (mostly) watered.  I had a bit of trouble explaining to him one night where he could find the Russian Sage that was recently planted and needed a drink.
Me:  "Can you water the Russian Sage for me?"
DH:  "The what?"
Me:  "Russian Sage.  It has blue flowers and it's over in the hillside garden."
DH:  "Where?"
Me:  "The hillside garden.  It's kind of hard to explain - near-ish to the road."
DH:  "What does it look like?"
Me:  "Blue flowers."
DH:  "Where is it?"
sigh...  Thank the Lord for cheap long distance rates.
Some upkeep on Monday and Tuesday filled two wheelbarrow loads of dead foliage from the perennial geraniums and shasta daisies.  More needs to be done, but at least the front garden looks better.

Picked 7/19 to 8/1:  25
Picked YTD:           68

I've already picked 9 since Sunday so you can expect another prolific report next week.

Used this month       0 - lots of things in the works, but nothing complete.
Used YTD               58 m
Added this month       .25 m  - all I bought on vacation was a fat quarter of lobster fabric.
Added YTD            35.25 m
Net 2015                 (-22.75)

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