Sunday, July 19, 2015

Interesting Quilt Backs, a Business Relationship Story, and the Zucchini Report

I really like the border on this quilt - how it makes the whole thing 'float' on the background.
I especially like the BACK of the quilt.  Using some leftover patchwork and some leftover fabric hunks from the top always makes things just a little more interesting.


I've been going to the same hairdresser for over 30 years, with a very rare visit to a different salon.  Honestly, maybe three times.

She's self employed, works at home, and considering that she is a service provider - I know her really well.  I know her kids and her husband and I know all about her holidays.  I'm a good client, undemanding and uncomplaining.  I arrive on time.  Once she and I got our wires crossed and I was coming a half hour later than she thought I should.  Once I turned up, unknowingly, with no cash, and I dropped it off later that day. 

On my last visit, I walked in the door and she said "you're LATE".
First, my jaw kind of dropped.  I said "three minutes???"  (and I was a few minutes late after running an errand).  She argued that I was five minutes late, according to her phone and her clock.  I really hate confrontation, so I laughed it off saying that she could forgive me for those few minutes, right?  But I could see that she was really steamed.  Half way through my haircut she took a personal call and stood there chatting with whoever, about her upcoming weekend, and the bridal plans, and potato salad, etc, etc.  This call went on for quite some time.  She must have thought I had it coming to me.  I dunno.  There was no apology for the interruption.

After my cut, I paid her and I left.  And I'm not going back.  I feel like she totally disrespected our relationship.  She hurt my feelings.  Maybe she was having a bad day and I should cut her some slack, but that is a two way street.  Since I'm the one forking out the $$$ it is not my job to forgive her, unless she is willing to make nice too.  She has kept ME waiting plenty of times and never been terribly apologetic. 

In the back of my mind I know I am acting like an ass.  And then I think:  after at least 260 haircuts I deserve more love.  You know?

Picked this week:    13
Picked YTD:           43

In other garden news, I am continuing to weed.  The soil out there got a bit dry, so we gave it a good watering.  Then, of course, it rained the next day.  There are a couple of ways I know of to make it rain.  One is to water the garden, the other is to wash your car.  That's ok though - the plants would MUCH rather have rain water than our horrid, iron-ey, mineral-ey, hard-as-a-rock well water.  I've picked a few raspberries.  This is my second summer with the ever-bearing raspberries, so I did a bit of research.  Apparently (according to the Gods of Google) the old canes bear early summer (now) and the new canes bear late summer.  There should be lots of berries in my future since I have lots of new canes.  And I will know to NOT cut down the canes in the fall.  I've also picked a TON of snow peas.  Plenty have been given away since we cannot possibly eat that many, unless we give up eating peanut butter, oatmeal, potatoes, chicken, and sausages.  I've been squashing potato bug larvae, since it seems a couple of the buggers got away on me and MATED.  Bastards.  I've eaten a few cucumbers from the vines, and I found a new recipe for  Cucumber & Blueberry Salad that I will be trying.  I have some frozen cherries from the June crop so I'll use those instead of blueberries, until the local berries show up at the market.

Hmm.  I guess that's it for now.  Enjoy this friggin' heat.  Today the temp is forecast to be 31c but feels like 42c.  Yup.  Hotter'n hell...


  1. I would totally feel the same way about your hairdresser and, yes, maybe it is time for a change....but first I would give myself 3 or 4 days to cool off (in this heat?, lol) and then do it if you still feel the same way! That's my Ann Landers moment of the day

    1. Yes, I already took your advice. I stewed about it until I REALLY needed another cut. Then I called a local salon.

  2. That quilt is really pretty. You are right about the effectiveness of that border. I would also find a new hairdresser.

    1. The new hairdresser was ok. The cut is ok. Knowing myself, I really PREFER to have a relationship with someone, so I will miss that.

  3. Well, I'm glad you got that off your chest. I wonder if she will wonder what ever happened to you when you no longer book an appointment.
    Perhaps a new hairdresser relationship is your future. Shop around.
    BTW, I was in your neck of the woods a couple of weekends ago. It was raining and I stopped in to the quilt store in Caledonia to pick up their Row by Row pattern. Bought 2 fat quarters while I was there.

  4. You are a nice person.....she was goodbye is her loss
    Nice quilt....I'm doing much sewing these days ....

  5. Replies
    1. Ha ha, well my husband agrees with you!

    2. I've never been a zucchini fan, but I have this new gnocchi recipe that has it in and recently a houseguest made a zucchini lasagna for us....both awesome! I may have to plant some myself next year.


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