Sunday, March 15, 2015

Strippy Quilt, Pi Day, Stash Report

I hope y'all enjoyed Pi day yesterday!  We celebrated by having pie.  One of the six thousand dozen apple pies I made and stashed in the freezer.

Here is a gorgeous strippy quilt. Can you tell this will be a wedding gift? The layout is similar to the Cobblestones pattern from Open A Can Of Worms.

The placement of dark gold fabrics along the outer edges of the strips accentuates the design.  Mmm.  Love.  Quilted with a pretty-but-not-stuffy feather design.
I know you've seen this a few times, now, but I am really happy with my Urban Runner.  Two meters off the stash report.

This was pieced at the retreat last weekend, and quilted this week.  The pattern, which I slightly modified by only making twelve blocks, is here. Another 7.9 meters off the stash.  Yay!!

Light custom quilting - s.i.d. around the blocks and sashing.  A feather/curl motif dropped in the blocks with a curlicue motif in the sashing.  Just a wee 'x' quilted through the cornerstones. 

Mmm - yummy flannel backing.
Used this report:  9.9 m
Used YTD:         48.9 m
Added this report:  0.  zero.  nada.  zip.  Can you see the halo over my head?
Added YTD:      25 m
NET YTD:        (-23.9) m

Men vs. Women
You see MY photos all the time.  Pretty quilts, pretty flowers, healthy vegetables, cute dog.  This is the kind of photo that DH likes to take.  I just thought I'd share that with you.  :-)

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  1. Ah yes, orange is my favourite colour - so forget the subject and just enjoy the colour scheme!


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